The 3 Best Forex Trading Books You should follow

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator the Black Swan and the Little Book of Behavioral Investing

If youre looking to get into the world of Forex trading and want to learn from some of the best books in the field, then The Little Book of Behavioral Investing the Black Swan Reminiscences of a Stock Operator are three top choices. The first is a book about behavioral finance that focuses on how irrational human beings can be when investing. The Black Swan is about the idea that certain events cannot be predicted by science, and the third book talks about one trader's story through his successes and failures.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Edwin Lefèvre, a journalist, wrote this book, but he wasn't the character of this book. Instead, the book was written on the self-story of Jesse Livermore. Jesse Livermore told his career story to Edwin Lefevre to write it properly. Jesse Livermore started his stocks and commodities for only just $5 in 1891. Although he was an old trader, the current situation is completely different from his time, but there are many things available to learn. If you are interested in trading, you should read the book to know the pain and joy in trading.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is a book written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The author discusses the impact of highly improbable events on our lives and in history. The main theme of The Black Swan is that people tend to estimate the probability of certain events, which can be calculated according to the known past. Still, this estimation is wrong if it is about black swan events (events of the type "never happened before and will never happen again"): The Black Swan. The book The Black Swan argues that predicting these highly improbable black swan events makes our lives more interesting than being just a story of survival in which we are driven by instinct to eat, sleep, or reproduce.

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

This book was written by James Montier, where you can learn your self-behaviors while you are an Investor in the currency market. Many forex traders are losing trades only for their self-behavior; they are enemies for their trade themselves. James Montier understands this thing properly and finds some ways to avoid it. Learn this book to learn self-behavior as an Investor.

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