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Among them are equity indices, energy and precious metals. Choose from nearly 100 different futures contracts to enhance your portfolio.

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Trade futures with Tiger and ensure that your orders are executed before the market changes!

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Those who trade futures frequently will enjoy low commission fees for all types of futures, starting at 0.99 USD/contract.

The 8th Global Derivatives Trading Competition


Global Derivatives Trading Competition was successfully held by Futures Daily of China in 2014. There have been seven successful competitions held to date. A number of U.S., Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan brokers supported the exchange, including CME, HKEX, TOCOM, SGX, and TOCOM. With the World Cup Trading Championship, Global Derivatives Trading Competition established a strategic partnership this year. Tiger Brokers has been designated as a designated broker of the competition. Call them at 6950 0591.

Terms and Conditions (official website of the competition):

  1. This year's Global Derivatives Trading Competition will be organized by Futures Daily of China with participation from leading exchanges and brokerage firms around the world. Investors can participate in the competition by opening accounts with designated brokers and trading derivatives listed on exchanges outside of China.

  2. Participants are eligible for participation if they are registered with designated brokers. Each participant is responsible for his or her profits and losses. Regulations, exchanges, and brokers set the terms and conditions for all transactions.

  3. The organizing committee consists of Futures Daily of China employees as well as other co-organizers. The referee committee and advisory panel of Futures Daily of China are formed by experts of futures exchanges.

  4. There is a 500 USD minimum account equity requirement for participants. Each participant will automatically be divided into two groups, depending on the initial equity of their account: a junior-level group (500-100,000 USD (not included)) and a senior-level group (100,000 USD (included) or more), with separate rankings.

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