Top 3 Reason to Choose CFD Forex Trading Platforms

Some CFD providers or brokers may use the same CFD platform as another provider, as they are called "white label" platforms. So, if you know one, you will know the other. However, other CFD trading platforms may look and work differently.

This is what you should look for in a CFD trading platform provided by a good CFD broker:

If you can put stop or limit orders in place when entering a CFD trade

For many CFD systems, you may want to place an order in the evenings and enter a CFD position when the market opens in the morning. This is convenient for those who work during the day, as they can trade in the evening when the market is closed. These orders to enter a CFD are usually done with limit orders. Stop entry orders are also available from some providers.

Check that you place these limits orders on both sides of markets. For example, maybe a trader wants to place a limit order to buy at a limit of $5.50. This is greater than the most recent closing price of $5.30. Therefore, should the market open or trade at $5.50 or below tomorrow, they'll get in the position. This is a means of putting in an order ensuring that you come into the position, excluding if the price splits above $5.50 the following morning.

So, ensure that you're able to position them in the evenings (generally, they can be placed at any time) and that they can be placed at a limit price that is above the most recent trade price, should you trade the system this way.

If "market orders" are available out of market hours and during market hours

Some providers allow you to place an order when the market is closed, to enter a position at the opening price or the first traded price following the open. This may be done with a "market order" position when the market is closed or on various CFD platforms. It's known as an order to "enter at open."

Remember that with some providers, you can only enter a CFD when the market is open. So you'll need to be at the computer during market hours.

If the market is in your home country, then this is the morning. If you're trading in an overseas market, this could be in the afternoon or even at night.

If you can place stop orders to enter a position

For some systems, stop loss orders to enter a trade are used.

These are known as "stop entry" orders. That is, if you position a stop buy order at a price of $5.50, then you'd enter the position if the stock trades at or above $5.50. Some CFD trading platforms will allow you to place these orders anytime, which is helpful for those who trade in the evenings because they work during the day. For others, do they allow you to enter only during market hours?

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